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Entrepreneurs and businesses, regardless of their size or revenue, deal with countless uncertainties in their business models or structure, volatility in the market, costs of goods and services, employment issues, legal fees and services, etc. It is difficult to find enough time in the day to both manage, and grow, your business without guidance from trusted advisors.

At Lodestone Legal Group we aim to provide a solution to the legal needs of our business clients in a manner that it efficient, and cost-effective. Through our General Counsel Services, we offer our clients a program that allows them to fix their legal costs across their fiscal or calendar year with a flat monthly fee that will cover a list of pre-defined services. By sitting down with our attorneys and developing a plan that meets the specific needs of their business, we can work with business owners to develop a service package that accomplishes two important goals- ongoing legal advice and counsel at a fixed monthly cost.

Right-Sized Services

We can define a package for the solo entrepreneur up to a multi-national corporation and for any size in between at costs that are more reasonable than either hiring your own in-house counsel or facing the antiquated billable hour (with retainer) model you will find at larger firms. Any services required outside the scope of the service package are provided at a significant discount to our General Counsel clients.

By creating an environment in which the client is not concerned about hourly fees, together we can work toward a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to their legal issues. We feel that when the client is not worried about legal fees we develop a close working relationship where they look to us as counsel, and not attorneys. We become partners in the success of your business.

General Counsel Services include but are not limited to the following and are tailored to meet the needs of the individual client and their business:

  • New Business formation - LLC's (including Series LLC's), Corporations, Partnerships, Joint Ventures, etc.
  • Drafting of corporate documents, including Operating Agreements, By-Laws, etc.
  • Tax Planning and Business Succession services
  • Employment Contracts, Severance Agreements and Non-compete Agreements
  • Registered Agent, Secretary, Corporate Minute services
  • Contract preparation and review
  • Letters of Intent and Requests for Proposals
  • Vendor, Sales, and Distribution Contract review and negotiations
  • Real Estate services, including LOI, lease audits, lease administration, etc.
  • Healthcare, pharmaceutical and other medical start-up needs, including HIPAA compliance
  • Copyright, Trademark, Patent, and intellectual property protection and registration
  • International services through our partner firms located in Europe and Asia

It is often said that an entrepreneur will work 80 hours a week for themselves so that they do not have to work 40 hours a week for someone else. Much like you, we are entrepreneurs in the legal field. Come sit down with us to find out more about this program and how our firm is different and receive a quote on monthly fees. As an added benefit, we offer an additional discount on their monthly fees to any existing General Counsel client that refers a new General Counsel client to the firm.

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