Operating an Essential Business During a Stay at Home Order by Gaylord Gardner

Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, many states, counties, and cities are declaring a state of emergency and issuing a “Stay at Home Order” for non-essential businesses and only permitting essential businesses and the businesses that support essential businesses to operate.  Furthermore, employees of an essential business are allowed to travel to the extent that the employee is traveling for the purpose of the essential business.   However, many employees have concerns regarding travel and concerns about being pulled over by the local police department.

Therefore, I am advising operators of essential business to draft a simple letter for their employees to carry while traveling.  The letter should be printed on company letterhead and should state the type of business the company is involved in and the type of essential business it performs or the type of essential business it supports.   The letter should also include the name and contact number of a manager at the company in case a law enforcement officer has questions and needs to contact the business.  By creating this simple letter, you can address employees’ concerns and make traveling for work easier for your employees. 

If you operate an essential business and are having trouble drafting the letter described above, please contact us and one of our attorneys would be happy to assist you.

Post authored by Gaylord Gardner